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UX Classes

Attractor<T> ux

Animates a property to a target value using a physics-like attraction simulation.

AttractorConfig ux

A configuration for use with the attract expression or to an Attractor property.

Change<T> ux

Temporarily changes the value of a property while its containing trigger is active. To permanently change a value, use the Set animator.

Cycle<T> ux

Animates a repeating cycle between a high and low value using a given waveform.

Keyframe ux

Allows you to specify several steps for an animation.

Move ux

Animates the translation a visual element.

Nothing ux

Allows you to artificially extend the timeline

Rotate ux

Rotates the Visual. This does the same transform as Rotation.

Scale ux

Scales the element. Note that scale doesn't actually change the elements size. This means that the rest of the UI layout wont be affected and the animation is guaranteed to be fast.

Skew ux

Allows you to animate a skew transform on an element.

Spin ux

Continuously rotates an element, given a Frequency measured in full rotations per second.

        <Spin Frequency="2" />

As with Cycle, you may also specify a Duration to control the length of the animation.


Animator uno

Animators are used to specify which and how Elements are to be animated when a Trigger is triggered. There are three pairs of properties which are important for controlling the exact result of an animation.

Easing uno

Represents an easing function, and contains common easing functions.

EasingFunctions uno

Contains single-precision float easing functions as static methdos.

OpenAnimator uno

Open animators animate repeatedly for as long as the trigger is active.

TrackAnimator uno

Track animators animate to a specific target value over a fixed duration.



CycleRestore uno

How the state is restored when the animator is played backwards

KeyframeInterpolation uno

Specifies how the spline is interpolated between the keyframes. These options specify how the vertex tangents are calculated and which interpolater to use along the curves.

MixOp uno

Specifies how animation values are combined with the target rest value to create new values.