Get Started

Building from source code requires some more knowledge about the project, as it’s split in multiple components. Which component you want to tinker with will affect what you need a bit.

Here’s a short overview:

  • Uno: A programming language (and a compiler), which is a dialect of C#. Unlike the traditional C# development tools, Uno generates C++ code that can be compiled with the normal native development tools (Android Studio and Xcode).
  • UX: An XML-based declarative UI language. This is implemented in the Uno compiler.
  • Fuselibs: An application framework written in Uno, that implements the core of the Fuse development platform. The Fuselibs components are intended to be used from UX. Fuselibs depends on the Uno compiler.
  • Fuse Studio (sometimes referred to as just “Fuse”): This is the WYSIWYG editor for UX-based applications. Fuse Studio depends on Fuselibs and Uno.

These components are written to be as independent of each other as we’ve managed, and in general you can build the code in each repository independently and get useful restults. However, most users are probably going to want to work with all of these repositories checked out side-by-side, so they can modify any component and get the desired results.

Download Fuse Studio

You can download the latest installer from here.

For Fuse 1.10 and older releases, please see here.

For Fuse 1.8 and older releases, please see here.

Download Fuse SDK

The latest Fuse SDK can be installed via NPM.

npm install fuse-sdk -g

This will install uno and a set of libraries used to build Fuse apps.

A quick introduction to using Fuse SDK can be found in this blog post.