Welcome to Fuse Open

An open-source cross-platform mobile app development tool suite, supporting building Android and iOS applications.

With Fuse you can build native mobile user interfaces using the easy to learn UX Markup language, and use JavaScript to add business logic.

Fuse Open
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Better Apps, Less Code

Build interfaces with UX Markup: A concise, declarative XML-based language for creating rich user experiences backed by a world class layout engine and GPU-accelerated visuals. UX markup has been designed to be highly expressive, intuitive to learn and very difficult to break.

Rapid iteration
with live reload

Fuse is designed to offer a playful, real-time workflow where the project can be modified as it is running. Using a local zero-config development server, any changes committed to UX, script or assets causes near instant updates in the running application.

Fuse Open Visual
Fuse Open Visual

Compatible with your favorite tools

With Fuse a whole new world of collaboration opens up. Either working together with another developer in the office or showing off your app to a client on the other side of the Atlantic – your always on the same page.

But wait... there is a lot more

Living, dynamic UI

With UX markup, motion is a first-class citizen and nearly every property is animatable. Using simple expressions you can quickly transition from a static layout into wiring its properties together to form intricate responsive animations.

Modern JavaScript

In Fuse, client-side business logic is written in simple JavaScript. With Apple JavaScriptCore or Google V8 on a separate thread, script execution rarely impacts UI performance. If you’re familiar with the words module.exports you’re pretty much good to go.

High performance production code

The difference between prototype and final production code could just be a compiler flag away. UX markup compiles to high performance C++ or .NET bytecode.

iOS, Android and .NET

With a shared codebase in UX Markup and JavaScript applications can be deployed to both iOS and Android. Further native platform features can be accessed by adding Objective-C, Swift, C# or Java code directly to your project.

Native platform debugging

For Android and iOS, Fuse projects compile to Android Studio and Xcode projects that can be debugged and extended any way you wish, and play nice with the native debugging and profiling features.

Assets and design tools

In Fuse, design and development should become one integrated process. Assets such as fonts, images, videos and sound can be created and updated from any popular design tool and will live-reload just like any source code file.

Fuse Open Visual

Create Once, Wow everywhere

Some say, "learn once, write anywhere". We say: "write once, deploy everywhere". Fuse leverages from OpenGL to achieve a blazingly fast cross-platform solution.

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