This page contains documentation for advanced Fuse features, so we have taken the liberty to tick the "Show advanced things" checkbox above for you in advance to be able to provide you with some additional information.
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BackButton uno

A left-pointing arrow, used in navigation. Note: this component only provides visuals and does not actually perform navigation.

Bubble uno

A bordered circle, generally used for profile images.

Card uno

Cards are generally light. Thus, they have an implicit LightTheme by default. You can disable this behavior by using its base class, ThemedCard instead.

CardMedia uno

A Rectangle that fills the top of a Card. Generally used to display an image that relates to a piece of text content.

A Carousel component with a depth-like effect.

ColorBadge uno

A horizontal rectangle, generally used to communicate category using color.

Donut uno

A colored circle, generally used to communicate category.

Drawer uno

Provides sidebar navigation toggleable by a floating button.

Icon uno

Alive comes with a set of icons, exposed via the Icon component.

ListView uno

A striped list of items, with optional Adding/Removing/LayoutAnimations.

ListViewHeader uno

A colored header bar with text, used to display the category of a group of items.

Page uno

A Page that takes its background color from the currently active theme.

RadarPlot uno

A radar-style Plot for a single data series of exactly six data points.

Slider uno

A slider control. Has the same interface as any other RangeControl, such as the default Slider.

StickyHeader uno

Presents a header above an element that will stick to the top of its enclosing ScrollView while in the vertical range of the StickyHeader.

SwipeActionPanel uno

Reveals a button when the user swipes left on its contents. A confirmation message is shown when the button is tapped.

Switch uno

A Switch control that can be swiped. Has the same interface as any other ToggleControl, such as the default Switch.

TabBar uno

A PageIndicator that uses values provided by the Label property of TabPage to instantiate tabs with text labels for each page in a PageControl or other LinearNavigation.

ThemedCard uno

A Card that takes its background color from the currently active theme.

TitlePanel uno

Displays a Title and SubTitle on top of the secondary background color.