Windows Installation


A modern PC equipped with an OpenGL 2.1-capable GPU, running Windows 7 or later. Very basic on-board/shared resource GPUs such as the Intel GMA-series are not sufficient.

Internet access is required during installation.


Download Fuse for Windows from the downloads page and run the installer.

We can start the Fuse daemon simply by typing fuse on the command prompt. Note: You may have to log out and in again (or simply reboot) to make sure the path for fuse is properly updated. When Fuse is running we can see its tray icon in the task bar. Our dashboard should also pop up right after running fuse for the first time. The dashboard may always be started from the tray icon.

Post Installation

For code completion, syntax highlighting and other nice features, take a look at our plugins for Sublime Text 3 or Atom.

To preview your projects on real devices you can use the Fuse Preview app. This does not require you to install the Android SDKs (and also lets you preview on iOS devices!)

In order to do Android app exports and custom previews you will need to install the required third party SDKs. See the Preview and export section.

Next Steps

Now that we've got Fuse up and running, it's time to play around with it. Head over to our quickstart tutorial to get started!