This page contains documentation for advanced Fuse features, so we have taken the liberty to tick the "Show advanced things" checkbox above for you in advance to be able to provide you with some additional information.

Provides information about the device.

Use the global Device variable to access these reactive variables. For example, to include something only on Android:

<Instance IsEnabled="Device.isAndroid">

The properties are: - isAndroid (bool): True if running on Android OS, false otherwise - isIOS (bool): True if running on iOS OS, false otherwise - isMac (bool): True if running on Mac OS, false otherwise - isWindows (bool): True if running on Windows OS, false otherwise - isPreview (bool): True if running inside Preview

On iOS and Android the following are also available: - osVersion (int3): (major, minor, revision) Version of the operating system. (Android: This is for information, stats, and/or debug purposes only. As it doesn't reliably reflect any system features it should not be used for any conditionals.)

On Android: - apiLevel (int): API Level supported by the device


Fuse.Reactive.Expressions 1.9.0

Interface of DeviceCaps

Inherited from CapsObject

Inherited from PropertyObject

Inherited from object

Implemented Interfaces

IObject uno

Represents a key-value object, where the keys can be enumerated and looked up by string name.