Fuse.Navigation 1.11.2

Interface of SwipeNavigate

AllowedDirections : AllowedNavigationDirections ux

Indicates which directions of swiping are allowed by this gesture. This affects only the user control of this gesture; the underlying navigation can still be programatically navigated in any direction.

ForwardDirection : SwipeDirection ux

Specifies the direction the user should swipe to move forward in the navigation. Forward means towards the "entering" pages (those in front).

LengthNode : Element ux

Specifies a node to use to determine the size of the page for a swipe. If not specified the navigation's parent control will be used. This is sometimes useful in complex layouts where the navigation control doesn't reflect the true size of the pages being swiped.

MaxPages : float ux

Specifies the maximum number of pages that can be swiped at one-time. This is useful when the pages are not the full-screen, but overlap, and the user would otherwise be able to swipe more than one page at a time.

SwipeDirection : SwipeDirection ux

DEPRECATED: use ForwardDirection, Note the old direction had the unfortunate aspect of being the BackwardDirection: so you must specify the opposite direction.

Inherited from Node

ContextParent : Node uno

The context parent is the semantic parent of this node. It is where non-UI structure should be resolved, like looking for the DataContext, a Navigation, or other semantic item.

FindNodeByName(Selector, Predicate<Node> (Node)) : Node uno

Finds the first node with a given name that satisfies the given acceptor. The serach algorithm works as follows: Nodes in the subtree are matched first, then it matches the nodes in the subtrees ofthe ancestor nodes by turn all the way to the root. If no matching node is found, the function returns null.

IsRootingStarted : bool uno

Whether rooting of this node has started. Note that even if this property returns true, rooting may not yet be completed for the node. See also IsRootingCompleted.

Name : Selector ux

Run-time name of the node. This property is automatically set using the ux:Name attribute.

OnRooted uno

If you override OnRooted you must call base.OnRooted() first in your derived class. No other processing should happen first, otherwise you might end up in an undefined state.

Inherited from PropertyObject

Inherited from object

Attached UX Attributes

GlobalKey (attached by Resource) : string ux

The ux:Global attribute creates a global resource that is accessible everywhere in UX markup.

Implemented Interfaces

IGesture uno

Feedback to the gesture about pointer events as well as priority feedback to the gesture handler.

IScriptObject uno

Interface for objects that can have a script engine representation