Navigates on the router.

The arguments must be name-value pairs. It shares the same arguments as the JAvaScript router.modify function and the RouterModify action. In short the options are:

- how : @ModifyRouteHow
- path : An array of name-value pairs that specify the path components and their parameter. This syntax differs from the JavaScript interface.
- relative : Routing relative to the provided node. By default the path will be treated as global.
- transition : @NavigationGotoMode
- bookmark : Use a bookmark instead of `path`.
- style : Transition style for animation

The expression provided to modifyRoute is evaluated only when needed. It is expected the bindings will resolve quickly (not bound to a remote lookup for example), otherwise the routing operation will be delayed.


Fuse.Navigation 1.11.2

Interface of ModifyRouteCommand

Inherited from VarArgFunction

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Attached UX Attributes

GlobalKey (attached by Resource) : string ux

The ux:Global attribute creates a global resource that is accessible everywhere in UX markup.

Implemented Interfaces