UX Classes

DestinationMotionConfig ux

This class defines the animation of a value as it moves towards another values. It is typically used as a composite object of other types, such as MotionConfig, Attract and Attractor.

A configuration object for Fuse.Navigation.StructuredNavigation This provides reasonable defaults for navigation and a good basis for customization.

ScrollViewMotion ux

A configuration object for Fuse.Controls.ScrollView This provides reasonable defaults for scrolling and a good basis for customization.


MotionConfig uno

This is a configuration object: it combines many options to make it simpler in UX for the user to setup and use the motion simulations. It also allows hiding the details of simulation from the UX level.


MotionDestinationType uno

The basic motion types. This defines the algorithm being used to perform animation of a value.

OverflowType uno

Specifies how to treat movement in the overflow area: the area in a bounded region that is beyond the logical limits, such as the area beyond the ends of the ScrollView content, or beyond the first/last page of navigation.