Goto the desired page and modify the local history.

The properties here match the same named properties of router.modify

The navigationSpec is a JavaScript object that specifies all the properties for the modification, for example:

    how: "Goto",
    path: [ "one", {} ],
    transition: "Bypass",

This gotos to the "one" page without a transition.

The options are: - how: One of: - Goto: Clears the current route stack, like goto() - Push: Pushes a new path onto the route stack, like push() - Replace: Replaces the current item on the route stack wtih a new path - GoBack: Returns to the previous page in the local history (or an explictily provided one) - path: An array specifying the path and parameter parts in pairs, or an object page specification. The result must be a single path component as it affects only the local NavigationControl. - transition: An optional argument: - Transition: A normal animated transition. This is the default. - Bypass: A bypass transtiion that skips animation. - style: The style of the operation, which can be used as a matching criteria in transitions.


Fuse.Controls.Navigation 1.11.2