The sizes of the columns of the grid as a comma-separated list.

Can not be used together with ColumnCount.

Grid sizes are denoted as follows:

  • Plain numbers, e.g. 100 means a fixed size of 100 points (device independent pixels).
  • auto indicates that the row/column should take up the smallest possible size that contains content elements.
  • Numbers postfixed with * denote a proportional ratio of the remaining space after all fixed size and auto rows/columns are subtracted.

Example of a Grid with 3 columns where the first two each occupy 20% of the available space, and the last one occupies 60%:

<Grid Columns="1*,1*,3*"/>

The sizes here are calculated by first summing all the values (1+1+3 = 5). Then we divide our value by the total (1/5 = 20%, 1/5 = 20%, 3/5 = 60%).

Example of a Grid with 4 columns where the first row is 100 points wide, the next row takes as much space as needed (auto), and the last two columns share the remaining space with a 1:2 ratio:

<Grid Columns="100,auto,1*,2*" />


Fuse.Controls.Panels 1.11.2