Some types of interaction and animation are easiest to describe using physics simulation. Fuse comes with a set of physics based triggers and behaviors which can be used for these situations.

Each physics behavior is designed to simulate a certain kind of force. They apply these forces to each frame of the animation. Affected elements can respond to multiple forces at a time. Check out the swipe places example for a good introduction to the Fuse physics API.

Physics rules

Each physics behavior in Fuse implements its own physics rule. There are currently only a few rules to choose from with more coming in the future.


The PointAttractor is one of the most basic physics based behaviors. It creates a force field which attracts elements within a certain radius by a given force.

	<PointAttractor Radius="400" Strength="250" />


The Draggable behavior lets you move an element by dragging it with the pointer. It is as simple as adding the Draggable behavior directly to the element one wants to move.

	<Rectangle Color="Red" Width="100" Height="100">