UX Classes

BringIntoView ux

Scrolls a fuse/controls/scrollview so that the target element becomes visible

Call ux

Calls a phone number

Callback ux

Calls a JavaScript function when a trigger is activated.

EvaluateJS ux

Evaluate a JavaScript snippet on a WebView and optionally get the result

LaunchEmail ux

Launch the default email application with an optional template

LaunchUri ux

Launch the default browser for an URL or open files with its corresponding default application

LoadHtml ux

Load arbitrary HTML into the webview.

LoadUrl ux

Loads a new URL into the WebView

Pause ux

Pause a video or timeline

Play ux

Resume or start a video or timeline

PlayTo ux

Play to a specific point in a timeline

ReleaseFocus ux

Releases focus from the currently focused Element when activated.

ReleasePage ux

For navigation this indicates the page (Visual) is no longer required and can be reused, or discarded, by the container.

Reload ux

Reloads the currently loaded URL

Set<T> ux

Permanently changes the value of a property.

Show ux

Makes an Element visible by setting Visibility to Visible.

Stop ux

Stop a video or timeline.

Toggle ux

Toggles the state of a toggleable component.

TransitionLayout ux

Lets you create a temporary layout change. This can be used to do visual layout transitions without needing actual layout changes.


TriggerAction uno

Trigger actions performs an action at a given delay after a trigger is activated.