Javascript Module for taking Platform SignIn. Platform SignIn is a SignIn mechanism that use Sign In With Apple on iOS and Google SignIn on Android.

Platform SignIn is only available on the mobile target platform (iOS and Android).

You need to add a reference to "Fuse.Auth" in your project file to use this feature.

For more information on what are the pre-request when implementing Sign In With Apple or Google Sign In, you can check the documentation on the apple developer website or android developer website for iOS add "SystemCapabilities": { "SignInWithApple":true } in the unoproj file.


The following example shows how to use it:

        var Auth = require('useJS/Auth');

        function doSignIn() {
            Auth.signIn().then(function(result) {
                // result is json object containing these properties :
                // email -> user email that has been sign in / sign up
                // firstName -> User firstname
                // lastName -> User Lastname
                // userId -> User uniqe Id
            }, function (ex) {
                // failed login
        Auth.hasSignedIn().then(function (result) {
            if (result) {
                // user has already sign in

        module.exports = {

    <Button Text="Sign In">
            <Callback Handler="{doSignIn}" />

When the callback handler is fired for the first time and the result object of status property is true, save those logged user information immediately to the server especially on iOS, because as stated in the documentation on the apple website, the Sign In With Apple will only send userId informataion the next time user do the authentication again


Fuse.Auth 2.9.1
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