Fires on the JavaScript thread when all objects in the scope are ready for use by JS logic.

This event dispatches on the JavaScript thread when the Closure is rooted.

It also dispatches the handler on the JavaScript thread immediately if the closure is already rooted at the time of subscribing to the event.

This event is intended for use e.g. with JavaScript frameworks like Angular 2, where components do not have direct access to UX objects through injected UX names. Instead, components can listen to this event to get access to all the names in the scope of the closure.

Example with NGUX syntax:

<Panel ux:Name="foo" />
<Closure (Ready)="nodeReady($event)" />

And then in the TypeScript component:

nodeReady(e) { // holds a reference to the Panel above


Fuse.Reactive.Bindings 1.11.2


ClosureHandler (object, ClosureArgs)