Functions for modifying color values.

Colors in Fuse are represented as RGBA values. A float3 converts to a float4 by having a 1 implicitly added as the alpha value. Hex strings can also convert to color values.

Most of the operations are calculated in HSL color space, first by converting the RGB value to HSL, performing the operation, and converting back to RGB. The alpha value is not modified by RGB <=> HSL conversions.

Clamping is, in general, not done on the inputs, intermediaries, or outputs. This means you may end up with RGB values outside of the 0..1 range. This ensures that color information is not prematurely lost when performing multiplate operations.

To work directly with HSL values you can use the hslaToRgba and rgbaToHsla functions.


Fuse.Reactive.Expressions 1.11.2

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