This page contains documentation for advanced Fuse features, so we have taken the liberty to tick the "Show advanced things" checkbox above for you in advance to be able to provide you with some additional information.
Show Uno properties and methods


Element uno

Elements are visuals that cover a rectangular 2D region.

Viewport uno

The Viewport element allows you to perform 3D transformations with perspective projection.

XYBaseLayoutFunction uno

These are overloaded functions that either provide a layout property or a vector component.



Alignment uno

Refers to the alignment of an element, or content, in its parent.

StretchDirection uno

Specifies whether an image can become larger or smaller to fill the available space.

StretchMode uno

Specifies how an image size is calculated and how it is stretched.

StretchSizing uno

Specifies how the size of an image is calculated during layout.