This page contains documentation for advanced Fuse features, so we have taken the liberty to tick the "Show advanced things" checkbox above for you in advance to be able to provide you with some additional information.

Provides a type-friendly wrapper for buffers and device buffers.

This also provides a logical collection on top of the buffer. The "Count", "Reset", and "Append" functions work on this logical set. The buffer will be dynamically resized as necessary.

The "Set" operation is directly on the buffer and ignores the logical set.

UNO: This is really ugly now. I can't figure out how to make this generic on the type. Thus each type needs its own derived class! (NOTE: I've just removed the generic for now)


Fuse.Drawing 1.11.2

Interface of TypedBuffer

CheckGrow uno

Copy an item to the underlying buffer. This does not do any bounds checks, nor dynamic resizing. The bounds will be checked by the underlying Buffer.

Inherited from object