Static API for reporting diagnostic warnings and errors for display in visual tools

The User... messages indicate the user (programmer) has done something wrong and needs to modify their code. These will most likely be displayed prominantly to the user. This should be seen from the point of view of a typical UX/JS user, not somebody writing Uno code.

The Internal... messages are for situations that can't be directly attributed to a user error. They are an indication of a fuselibs error, or a Uno programmer error.

The Unknown... messages are for errors coming from the native platform or in places where the cause of the error really isn't known, but probably isn't a user or internal programming error.

The object of the error messages should be the object which is generating the error; the Node which it would most likely be associated with in the UX tree. This is typically this in instance contexts.


Fuse.Common 1.11.2

Interface of Diagnostics