A weather app

This examples shows how to make a cool weather app with animated weather icons.

Structuring the app

The app is structured using a LinearNavigation with a SwipeNavigate behavior. By setting the SwipeDirection property of SwipeNavigate to Down, we make the gesture a downward swipe instead of horizontal.

Each page of the app actually contains the same elements, but with different settings. Some elements, like the rain and snow, are turned on or off using data-bound WhileTrue triggers. We use data-binding and JavaScript to supply the different pages, and draw them with an Each.

The rain

The rain is composed of two classes: Raindrop and RaindropRow.

<Panel ux:Class="Raindrop">
    <Image Width="15" Height="15" File="Assets/raindrops.png" Color="{dropletcolor}">
        <Rotation Degrees="20.6" />
<Grid ux:Class="RaindropRow" ColumnCount="3">
    <Raindrop ux:Name="drop1"/>
    <Raindrop ux:Name="drop2"/>
    <Raindrop ux:Name="drop3"/>

We then instantiate 5 rows, and animate each of them using Cycle animators with their Waveform property set to Sawtooth. This means that the animation will go linearly from Low to High and then instantly jump back to Low.

<WhileTrue Value="{runDroplets}">
    <Cycle Frequency="8" Low="0" High="20" Target="dropTranslation1.Y"  Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
    <Cycle Frequency="8" Low="0" High="-5" Target="dropTranslation1.X"  Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
    <Cycle Frequency="8" Low="0" High="20" Target="dropTranslation2.Y"  Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
    <Cycle Frequency="8" Low="0" High="-5" Target="dropTranslation2.X"  Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
    <Cycle Frequency="8" Low="0" High="20" Target="dropTranslation3.Y"  Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
    <Cycle Frequency="8" Low="0" High="-5" Target="dropTranslation3.X"  Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
    <Cycle Frequency="8" Low="0" High="20" Target="dropTranslation4.Y"  Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
    <Cycle Frequency="8" Low="0" High="-5" Target="dropTranslation4.X"  Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
    <Cycle Frequency="8" Low="0" High="20" Target="dropTranslation5.Y"  Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
    <Cycle Frequency="8" Low="0" High="-5" Target="dropTranslation5.X"  Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
    <Cycle Frequency="8" Low="1" High="0.5" Target="raindropRow2.Opacity"   Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
    <Cycle Frequency="8" Low="0.5" High="0" Target="raindropRow3.Opacity"      Waveform="Sawtooth"/>

The snow

The snow flakes are also animated using Cycle animators. They have slightly different Frequency in order to make the animation look more natural.

<Cycle Target="snowflakeTranslation1.Y" Frequency="0.4"  Low="0" High="155" Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
<Cycle Target="snowflakeTranslation2.Y" Frequency="0.43" Low="0" High="155" Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
<Cycle Target="snowflakeTranslation3.Y" Frequency="0.46" Low="0" High="155" Waveform="Sawtooth"/>
<Cycle Target="snowflakeTranslation4.Y" Frequency="0.50" Low="0" High="155" Waveform="Sawtooth"/>

The info

The weather information panel is made with a simple StackPanel containing data-bound Text elements. They are also animated using Entering- and ExitingAnimation triggers in order to make them “jump in” a bit as we swipe.

<StackPanel Width="43%" Alignment="TopRight" Height="100%" >
    <Text Value="{TOD}"  Font="NunitoBold"  FontSize="19" Color="#ffffff80" Margin="0,14,0,0"/>
    <Text Value="{Temp}" Font="NunitoLight" FontSize="32" Color="#fff"      Margin="0,0,0,14" Alignment="CenterLeft"/>
    <StackPanel Alignment="TopLeft">
        <Body Value="{Summary}" FontSize="26" />
        <Body Value="{Wind}" />
        <Body Value="{Humidity}" />
            <Move Y="0.5" RelativeTo="ParentSize" Easing="Linear" />
            <Move Y="0.5" RelativeTo="ParentSize" Easing="Linear"/>